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The Dumfries and District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild welcomes you to our wee blog site. Please navigate through our pages using the tabs at the top of the site pages.

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We are still in difficult times, and many people are questioning the need to continue with their memberships, now that they are “getting nothing” for it. The whole point of the Embroiderers’ Guild is the furtherance of the skill and love for embroidery. It is a registered charity. Do people question what they “get out of” their donation to other charities? Does that stop people from donating to good causes where need exists? Or is the preservation of embroidery skills seen as a luxury that can be sacrificed as soon as there does not seem to be immediate, material gain? We wrestle with deep questions!

We are so lucky to have our own dedicated magazine full of wonderful inspiration, “Stitch with the Embroiderers’ Guild”. (Stitch Magazine ) If you are not a fortunate subscriber, other sources are also available.
Here is a wee link to the latest newsletter from arguably one of the best needle crafting magazine in existence:
More loveliness can be found here:
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